Oftentimes, while our age increases in number, our level of independence may decrease. We become more dependent on others for daily living activities and at times may not be safely left alone at home at risk of losing balance, falling down or forgetting to take medication.

If you have a loved one who is in this situation, we know that you will welcome help from professionals at Cozy Corner Adult Day Health. Being in the practice of elderly care for many years, we know exactly what you and your family is going through. Let us help! We offer you our adult day care programs that provide the benefits of a well balanced social and medical daytime care.

Here are our program highlights:

Medical Supervision

Cozy Corner Adult Day Health has a registered nurse on staff during operating hours. The nurse is tasked to ensure that medications are properly administered at the right time. He or she is also in charge of the over-all health supervision and safety of our clients.

Daily Activities

We offer a variety of games including physical, and games that enhance mental stimulation as well as arts and crafts, musicians and entertainers, group activities that everyone is welcome to join.Take a look at our Activities calendar!

Beauty and Grooming Services

Every month, we have available hair dressers, barbers and podiatrists so our clients can take advantage of their services on-site. Cozy Corner Adult Day Health always makes sure that your loved one is well-groomed.

Rehabilitative Services

We have professionals at the facility who can perform therapeutic services. These professionals are contracted by Cozy Corner Adult Day Health to provide physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy services on-site.

Dietary Planning

Our meals are always one of the most highly anticipated highlights at Cozy Corner Adult Day Health. We serve our clients with nutritional meals and snacks. Meal planning is monitored by a registered nurse. More than just serving meals, we also provide nutrition education and diet management to our clients. Dietitian contracted for monthly oversight of menu plan as well as individual diet plans.

Monthly Field Trips

Once every month, we plan a fun-filled day outside the Cozy Corner Adult Day Health center. Many of our trips have been in local tourist locations, restaurants, parks, shopping malls and other similar locations.


Cozy Corner Adult Day Health guarantees daily wheel-chair capable transportation. Our transportation services are also included in monthly field trips with a trained mobile care staff and driver.

Take a look at the Activities lined up at Cozy Corner Adult Day Health. Care to join us? Call (508) 747-3332 for admission inquiries or visit our Enrollment page for guidance.